Cooking Demos 2007

Kusum Gupta: "A Quick Healthy Vegetarian Meal"


Ric Orlando: Delicious, Healthy and Clean Food That Has It All!

Holly Anne Shelowitz: Understand Your Sweet Cravings.

A Quick Healthy Vegetarian Meal
By Kusum Gupta

Kusum Gupta, a gourmet cook for healthy meals will demonstrate how to incorporate multiple servings of vegetables, without being overwhelmed by them. The recipe is available here. The dish is served with a dash of sweet and sour chutney and yogurt.

Kusum Gupta, a graduate from Delhi University, India, worked at International Business Machines (IBM) for nearly 25 years and retired as Advisory Programmer in 1992. Since then, she has been involved in several community activities such as:

  • The Dutchess County Interfaith Council and Hindu Samaj; she gives presentations on Hindu Spirituality.
  • The India Festival; she organizes this event in collaboration with local organizations to promote multiculturalism.
  • Continuing Education Programs in schools; she teaches Indian Cooking and provides general cooking presentations.
  • Served on the board of €˜Community Family Development' for several years. Acted as President for two terms.

Her prime interest is finding new ways to cook and promoting healthy ways to live physically and spiritually. She has also published:

      • Recipes with a Spice - From Asian Indian Kitchens
      • Hindu Spirituality - A Practical Approach Based on the Bhagwad Gita.


        Delicious, Healthy and Clean Food That Has It All!
        By Ric Orlando

        For a Real Treat - Drop by to Learn What Chef Ric Orlando is Cooking Up! Professional Chef Ric Orlando stated, "We Want Clean Food," referring to his healthy vision of food and nutrition. He is a firm believer in connecting flavorful gourmet dishes and health foods, and he consistently practices this concept in his own kitchen(s). Ric hopes to inspire cooks and food lovers to realize that they can create tasty gourmet delicacies that can be deemed "clean". He encourages the usage of sustainable seafood, free-range grazing methods, isoflavones and antioxidants.

        Orlando has a varied background of punk rocker, model, poet, music video star and producer and accomplished chef. He is the executive chef and driving force, along with his wife, Liz, behind the famous Saugerties, New York New World Home Cooking Cafe and New World Catering. Orlando has trained and cooked in the kitchens of some of the most widely respected chefs in the United States. He can be seen on the PBS network series, Ric Orlando's TV Kitchen, WMHT.PBS/Schenectady, N.Y. He has been published numerous times, lectures as a cooking instructor and, he donates time at numerous charitable events.


        Understand Your Sweet Cravings. Presented by Holly Anne Shelowitz
        by Holly Anne Shelowitzhollyshelowitz.jpg

        Do you have Sweet Cravings? Do you rely on something sweet to get you through the day or night? Does your energy crash around 3:00? Join Holly Anne Shelowitz, Certified Nutrition Counselor for this inspiring cooking demonstration and workshop, so you can finally understand what your body is trying to tell you. You will get to sample some of Holly's delicious creations as you learn!

        Holly Anne Shelowitz


        Holly Anne Shelowitz is a Certified Nutrition Counselor and Whole Foods Educator and Director of Nourishing Wisdom Nutrition. Holly€™s unique approach teaches clients tangible ways to incorporate nourishing foods into their lives and make positive changes that last. Her group and individual programs include in person and long distance nutrition counseling sessions, cooking classes, shopping trips to natural food stores, tours of local farms, telephone classes, and nutrition seminars in the workplace. She has been featured in numerous publications in the Hudson Valley and throughout the Northeast. Visit her website at to learn more.