Fitness Demos 2011

Getting and staying fit doesn't have to be a chore any more! Check out these exciting options for new ideas to feel and look better, meet new people and have fun getting into shape.



Wake Up & Work Out
Presented by Kristin McGee

Main Stage

Introduction to Qi Gong
Presented by Lorraine Hughes, Certified Herbalist

The practice of Qi Gong empowers by utilizing our own inherent energy or life force in order to shift imbalance which in turn centers, calms and enhances vitality. This is achieved through the combination of mindful breathing and intentionally expressed movements which affect us on a physical, medicinal and meditative level. These movements are “simple yet powerful” and can be done by the young and old alike. This Workshop will introduce this wonderful proactive self-care modality with an overview of Qi Gong along with a minimum of 2 sets of Qi Gong exercises including Crane. Please dress in comfortable attire. This class is open to all people of any age.


Presented by Angel Ortloff

Experience a whole new way to exercise integrating Stretching, Yoga, Tai Chi, Aerobics, Group and Pair workout into one short time frame with the goals of building the mind/body connection, moving the Chi energy and creating muscular endurance. It is the key that unlocks intuitive movement in the body. Smart Bells® are sculptural weights that both conform to the body and remain balanced in the circular movements of the Smart Bells® Routines. Smart Bells® are ideal for everyone regardless of age, size or fitness levels. because they are fun to use, relatively light in weight; promote flexibility, range of motion, strength, vitality and zest for life! Please wear comfortable cloths and shoes. Smart Bells® will be provided for workshop use.


Medical Qi Gong
Presented by Paul Bloom

Qigong (qi=energy; gong=movement) is the ancient Chinese art and science of breath and movement exercises which move the qi to strengthen the internal organs and nourish the body, mind and spirit. Practicing medical qigong (which primarily focuses on health) can increase energy, relieve stress, detoxify the body and calm the mind. With regular practice, it can prevent illness, overcome many health issues, and help to regain a youthful vigor. In this workshop we will practice Hsing Yi (Body/Mind) for internal energy flow; 8 Brocades of Silk famous for preventing illness and regaining youthful vitality; and a Standing Meditation to calm the mind and create strength in stillness. These practices are appropriate for people of all levels of health and experience.


Tai Chi for Arthritis
Presented by Celeste Graves-Hoyal

This program was designed by Dr. Paul Lam and is supported by the Arthritis Foundations of Australia and the UK, and has been adapted by The Arthritis Foundation of NYC. The practice helps to strengthen muscles, support joints, increase flexibility and balance, reduce fatigue, and encourages a calm, serene, and focused mind.



Learn to Swing Dance
Presented by Linda and Chester Freeman

No partner or experience necessary! Did you know that learning to swing dance is a great way to keep you fit socially, mentally, emotionally and physically? With monthly dances and weekly classes swing dance is one of the most popular social activities in the Hudson Valley. Come and learn a few steps with two of the areas most renowned instructors.



Body Combat
Presented by MAC Fitness

A non-combat martial arts based fitness class with moves drawn from karate, taekwando, kung fu, kickboxing, muay thai, and tai chi.



Zumba Fitness with Cat
Presented Catherine Schoch

Ditch the workout join the Party! Zumba is a dance fitness class that incorporates easy to follow dance steps with traditional cardio movements. Move to the rhythms of salsa, merengue, samba, flamenco and more! Zumba is an exciting and effective exercise program that is good for the mind, body, and soul!



Dynamic Balance: The Dance of Pilates
Presented by Clyde Forth

Our ability to stand upright with healthy posture requires well-integrated muscles in all areas, plus the practiced use of our special senses and the vestibular system in our inner ear. In short, it requires Balance. To maintain this sense of balance as we actively move through space, requires an even deeper level of strength, trust and freedom in our bodies. In this workshop we'll test our current standing balance, learn effective techniques for improving it, and then move on to Pilates-centered movement exercises that strengthen our ability to maintain and recover balance while reaching, walking, and - dare I say it - dancing through our day-to-day activity. You'll leave feeling taller, more graceful and more confident in your body.



Turbo Kick
Presented by Kaseedee Jermain

Turbo Kick is a mix of boxing and dance set to upbeat, motivating music.