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Dr. Penny Kendal-Reed

Main Stage



Patricia L. Gerbarg, M.D.

"How to Stay Up When the Economy is Down"

Natural Ways to Reduce Worry and Boost Your Energy and Mood

When the economy is down, stress and worry can cause physical and mental exhaustion. Maintaining your energy in times of patricialgerbarg.jpgstress is crucial. When your energy level goes down, your mood goes with it. Dr. Gerbarg will discuss low-cost, effective methods to improve energy, mood, productivity, and stress-resilience. She will share the best ways to combine herbs such as Rhodiola rosea, nutrients, and Breath-Body-Mind practices to support yourself, your family, and your friends through challenging times. Dr. Gerbarg is Assistant Professor in Clinical Psychiatry at New York Medical College and co-author of How to Use Herbs, Nutrients, and Yoga in Mental Health Care (WW Norton 2009). A graduate of Harvard Medical School, she has practiced psychiatry in Kingston, NY since 1983. For information on her work see www.haveahealthymind.com .


 Craig N. Moss

"What's Age Got to do with it? Healthy Body, Healthy Mind"doctor_moss.jpg

Dr. Moss will be discussing normal aging and how to keep our bodies and minds healthy as we age. What can we do to remain physically fit and mentally sharp as we grow older? What diseases are preventable and how do we successfully age? Truly an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Craig N. Moss, MD is the Director of Medical Associates of the Hudson Valley, P.C., and is Board Certified in Internal and Geriatric Medicine. He is a graduate of New York Medical College, and did his Geriatric Fellowship at UCLA. He has continued his education at Harvard Medical School, Georgetown University School of Medicine and Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center. Dr. Moss specializes in primary care of adults and problems of aging. He lectures on topics of aging including osteoporosis, male menopause and normal aging.


Gail Konop Baker

" Cancer is a Bitch - I'd Rather Be Having a Midlife Crisis"gailkonop.jpg

Gail Konop Baker is a former columnist for Literary Mama, a freelance essayist, an award winning short story writer and poet, an author, a health and patient advocate, a professional keynote speaker, a competitive runner, an occasional yoga instructor, a mother of three, and a breast cancer survivor. At age 16 she studied literature in college and decided then that she wanted to be a writer. Baker started off writing poems and by age 18 she had her first one published. By age 20 she had won her first award but was realizing poetry may not be her calling. After college, Baker moved to New York City and met her future husband.

In her early 40's, after her children were finally in school and the short story publications and awards started rolling in, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Battling cancer for a number of years, she searched for who she was and for motivation to continue her writing. Baker struggled with the daily fears and thoughts of recurrence and letting her family down. Dealing with all of this, she began to write a journal. Day after day she poured her words onto the paper about her mammograms and her core biopsy and lumpectomy and all the hardships she had to endure. Those words taken from her journal were the seeds that inspired her "Bare-Breasted Mama" column, which in turn inspired her memior Cancer is a Bitch. Cancer is a Bitch has been described as funny, smart, heartbreaking and hopeful all in one novel. It has been seen as an ispiration not just for cancer patients and their families, but for all of us as well. For more information on Gail Konop Baker, please visit her website: www.gailkonopbaker.com.


Sara Moulton

"Chef, Cookbook Author, Television Personality"

One of the hardest-working women in the food biz, Sara Moulton has been juggling multiple jobs for years. Admired by saramoulton.jpgmillions as the host of “Cooking Live,” “Cooking Live Primetime,” and “Sara’s Secrets,” Moulton was one of the Food Network’s defining personalities during the outlet’s first decade. In addition to her work on the Food Network, the energetic Moulton has been the Executive Chef of Gourmet Magazine for the last twenty-three years. She is also the Food Editor of ABC-TV’s “Good Morning America,” and the author of Sara’s Secrets for Weeknight Meals (Broadway Books, 2005) and Sara Moulton Cooks at Home (Broadway Books, 2002). In April 2008 Moulton launched a 20-episode television series on public television, entitled “Sara’s Weeknight Meals,” for which she received a 2009 Gracie Award (Local Market, Public and Student) in the category of “Individual Achievement, Outstanding Host - Information or Entertainment.”

Sara Moulton Cooks at Home, published by Broadway Books in October 2002, embodies Sara’s mission as both author and television host: to counter America’s disastrous love affair with fast food by encouraging everyone to cook delicious and healthy food at home and to dine with family and friends. In her second book, Sara’s Secrets for Weeknight Meals, published by Broadway Books in October 2005, Sara delivers a collection of 200 easy-to-prepare, delicious dinner recipes that are ideal for our time-crunched lives and that satisfy the tastebuds. The book is filled with her own versions of American classics; easy and popular ethnic dishes to spice up the repertoire; dishes to whip up from pantry staples as well as supermarket salad bar and deli items; and slow-cooking recipes for leisurely weekends. For more information on Sara Moulton, please visit her website: www.saramoulton.com.

Shannon Miller

"America's Most Decorated Gymnast"shannonmiller.jpg

Shannon Miller is the most decorated American gymnast, male or female, in history, having won more Olympic and World Championship Medals than any other American Gymnast. She has earned 7 Olympic Medals and 9 World Championship Medals. The latter includes 2 World All-Around Gold Medals, a feat that has not been accomplished by any other US athlete. Miller is the only American to rank among the Top 10 All-Time gymnasts, and now she is the only female athlete to be inducted into the US Olympic Hall of Fame. She has achieved that honor twice, once in 2006 as a Individual and also once in 2008 as a Team. Since her Elite International debut in 1990 she has stunned the World with her grace, athleticism and precision. Her tally of 2 Silver medals and 3 Gold medals at the 1992 Olympics was the most medals won by a US athlete. During her career, Shannon has won an astounding 59 International and 49 National medals and over half have been Gold, culminating with two Gold Medals at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Shannon led the "Magnificent 7" to Team Gold and, for the first time for any American gymnast, Gold on the balance beam. She is now a member of 6 Halls of Fame including the United States Olympic Hall of Fame and the Women's International Sports Hall of Fame.

Miller doesn't limit her success to just being a Gymnast. She holds a B.B.A. in Marketing and in Entrepreneurship from the University of Houston and her Juris Doctor from Boston College Law School. She also is an author having written, Winning Everyday: Gold medal advice for Healthy Happy Living, and also writes a column "Shannon Says" for Inside Gymnastics Magazine. Shannon has continued to be an advocate for health and wellness in people of all ages. In 2007, she began the Shannon Miller Foundation to fight childhood obesity and was appointed Co-Chair of the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness by Florida Governor Charlie Crist. For more information on Shannon Miller please visit her website: www.shannonmiller.com.


Tommy John

Despite rough beginnings and setbacks along the way, John eventually became one of the most well-known and inspiring tommyjohn.jpgMajor League Baseball pitchers of all time. John’s young age of only 20 years old at his major league debut for the Cleveland Indians on Sept. 6, 1963, caused him to struggle throughout his first two seasons as a pitcher. He went 0-2 for the Indians in 1963 and was 2-9 in 1964. After two years of disappointment, he was traded by the Indians to the Chicago White Sox. Over the course of the next seven seasons, John became a left handed control artist for the Chicago White Sox until his trade to the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1972. During his 1974 season, John permanently damaged the ulnar collateral ligament in his pitching arm, and a miraculous revolutionary surgical operation was performed. The operation, widely known today as Tommy John surgery, replaced the ligament in the elbow of his pitching arm with a tendon from his right forearm. John spent the entire 1975 season recovering from the surgery, and surprised fans and players alike by returning to the Dodgers rotation in 1976.

John went on to pitch until 1989 and earned 164 of his 288 victories after his surgery. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, John retired at 23rd on the all-time win list, sixth in games started, 17th in innings pitched and 26th in shutouts. In 1976 he was given the National League Comeback Player of the Year Award by The Sporting News and he remains the winningest pitcher in Major League Baseball history not to be elected into the Hall of Fame. For more information on Tommy John, please visit his website: www.tommyjohn.net .


Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed

Penny Kendall-Reed is a Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto. After graduating from McGill University with a B.Sc. in Biology and a pennykendall.jpgminor in Neurobiology, she attended the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Here she earned her degree in Naturopathic Medicine in 1997 and received the Dr. Allen Tyler Award for Most Outstanding Clinician. As a specialist in weight loss and author of a national best seller, The Naturopathic Diet (and the more comprehensive book The New Naturopathic Diet) , Penny Kendall-Reed travels throughout Canada and the United States lecturing on weight loss and weight related diseases. She has also co-authored the book Healing Arthritis, The Complete Doctor’s Healthy Back Bible and The Complete Doctor’s Stress Solution. Penny Kendall-Reed holds health retreats and lectures at various resorts world wide. Penny Kendall-Reed is health expert for CTV’s on line, and Canadian Living magazine. She appears regularly on television, magazine and radio across Canada and the United States addressing various health issues.

Penny Kendall-Reed is spokeswoman for Jamieson Vitamins educating the public on natural supplements and their therapeutic use. Presently, Penny Kendall-Reed is the director of natural therapies at the Urban Wellness Clinic in Toronto. For more information on Penny Kendall-Reed, please visit her website: www.pkrhealth.ca.