Special Demonstrations

Smart Bells


Experience a whole new way to exercise integrating Stretching, Yoga, Tai Chi, Aerobics, Group and Pair workout into one short time frame with the goals of building the mind/body connection, moving the Chi energy and creating muscular endurance. It is the key that unlocks intuitive movement in the body. Smart Bells® are sculptural weights that both conform to the body and remain balanced in the circular movements of the Smart Bells® Routines. Smart Bells® are ideal for everyone regardless of age, size or fitness levels. because they are fun to use, relatively light in weight; promote flexibility, range of motion, strength, vitality and zest for life! Please wear comfortable cloths and shoes. Smart Bells® will be provided for workshop use.


Aging Machine


Three ages of a woman: as she is now; as she will be if she ages naturally; as she will be on a pack of cigarettes a day.

The Ulster County Health Department will provide free demonstrations for people twelve years old and older using the APRIL® Age Progression Software, also known as the "Aging Machine", at this year’s Women’s Health Expo. The original public exhibition of this face morphing concept was developed through a partnership between the Ontario Science Centre and C.O.RE. Digital Pictures Inc. This computer software program provides personalized, science-based illustrations of how smoking can affect a person's face as it changes with age. Along with the age progression demonstration, the health department will provide educational materials with topics that include obesity and tobacco. Through the free age progressions, and the educational materials, the health department hopes to influence positive lifestyle changes that will improve individuals’ quality of life.

Procedure: Each participant is photographed with a digital camera connected to a computer. Within a few minutes, the picture is processed to show the participant two versions of her/himself – one with the physical affect of the chosen application applied, and one with normal signs of aging. The participants can then draw their own conclusions about what the results mean to them.


Golf Instruction and Demonstrations
by Vinnie Manginelli

Vinnie Manginelli is a Class A member of the Professional Golfers Association of America and has been appointed to the President's Council two years in a row for "Growing and Promoting the Game of Golf". He is the Head Golf Professional at the Twaalfskill Golf Club in Kingston and has a teaching program designed for all levels at www.ManginelliGolfInstruction.com. He conducts lessons and clinics at the Ascot Park Golf Center as well. In conjunction with the PGA of America's Free Lesson Month, Vinnie will be providing free 10 minute golf lessons to promote golf instruction and the game in general.  See Vinnie for special discounts on Twaalfskill Golf Club memberships.