Workshops 2011

8-8:45 Relationships: Can't Live With Them, Can't Live Without Them: Jeff Schneider
9-9:45 Introduction to Bellydance with Willow: Willow
10-10:45 Celiac Disease and The Gluten Free Diet: Nancy Ginter
11-11:45 Breath~Body~Mind Workshop for Relief of Stress, Anxiety, and Worry: Richard P. Brown, MD

12-12:45 Are You a Caregiver Sandwich? Don't Be Eaten Alive: Wendy Rudder, LCSW
1-1:45 The Energetics of Foods and Medicinal Plants for Dynamic Women's Health through the Seasons: Susan Krieger, L.Ac., MS
2-2:45 HIV The Growing Concern in Women: Dr. Michael Sheran


Healing at the Speed of Light - Laser and Advanced Technology in Podiatric Care: Dr. Tracey Toback, DPM, FACFAS
4-4:45 A Holistic Approach to Hormone Replacement: Neal Smoller



Relationships: Can't Live With Them, Can't Live Without Them
Presented by Jeff Schneider

Relationships whether with a partner, colleague, friend, family member, boss, or ourselves, can be quite challenging. jeffschneider.jpg

If you are experiencing:

  • On-going confilict without resolution in your relationships
  • Unsatisfying relationships with your partner, friends, family or colleagues
  • Communication that is indirect and ineffective and results in greater conflict
  • Criticism or blame and defensiveness as a significant part of your relationship

Attend this workshop to:

  • Become more confident and assertive
  • Understand your relationship patterns
  • Learn conflict resolution skills
  • improve communication skills
  • leave with 15+ ways to improve relationships

As a result of attending this workshop you will leave with many powerful and effective tools to create and enhance loving, supportive, respectful and trusting relationships.

Jeff Schneider, L.C.S.W. has been supporting the community for over 26 years. He assists people in communicating more effectively, improving their relationships, reducing stress and overcoming compulsions such as overeating, substance abuse and gambling. Jeff is a sensitive, insightful, and intuitive therapist strongly committed to his clients and his own personal, professional, spiritual development with over 35 years of meditation experience.To learn more about him visit his website


Introduction to BellyDance with Willow
Presented by Willow


Willow will teach a few of the foundational moves that make up the bellydance vocabulary. Learn how to do Figure 8's, hipwork, undulations and more. These ancient and mysterious moves feel great and help tone and strengthen muscles throughout the whole body. Willow teaches weekly bellydance classes in Kingston and Woodstock, NY and has been studying this dance form for almost 20 years. More information can be found on her website at

Willow began teaching bellydnce in 2002. Since then, the Hudson Valley has become a Mecca of bellydance, drawing dancers and teachers from many styles of bellydance including Egyptian/American, American Tribal, Tribal Fusion and Temple Bellydance, and supporting several annual bellydance events.

In addition to the body movement itself, Willow's love of this dance has lead her to study the history and cultural aspects that have defined the many faces of the dance as we know it today. Her research of Arabic culture gives her a sensitivity and understanding of the roots of Middle Eastern Dance as it is performed in this country as well as where it originated.

Willow has continued her study into movement to include such disciplines as hatha yoga, strength conditioning and fitness training. She studies regularly with master-level teachers at every opportunity, striving to refine her technique while always maintaining strong roots into the foundation of Middle Eastern Dance, as well we expanding her own personal style by drawing from many varied influences and styles of dance and movement.


Celiac Disease and The Gluten Free Diet
Presented by Nancy Ginter


Linda Freeman, President of the Hudson Valley Celiac Support Group, will facilitate a panel discussion about celiac disease and the gluten free diet. Join Nancy Ginter, one of the featured panel speakers, to learn about celiac disease, described by international medical experts as an under-recognized diagnosis. Lori Brown-Halbert, Family Nurse Practitioner at the Digestive Disease Center of the Hudson Valley, will share her expertise regarding celiac disease. Chynna will share her perspective as a 17 year old high school student diagnosed with celiac, and other members of the Hudson Valley Support Group will available to speak about their experiences.


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has reported that as many as 1% (3,000,000) of all Americans have celiac disease and hundreds of thousands of people remain undiagnosed ( Celiac disease, one of the most common genetic conditions in the world, is an autoimmune disease that affects the small intestine. Gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and other grains, causes an inflammatory response in the small intestine lining for those with the disorder, which interferes with the absorption of nutrients. Celiac may present at any age. The signs and symptoms of celiac disease are highly varied and can be attributed to many other conditions and diseases. Once believed to be only a digestive disease, celiac is now recognized as a common disorder that impacts all medical specialties. Sometimes a person with celiac disease has no outward symptoms, yet damage can occur to the small bowel. Undiagnosed or untreated, celiac can lead to nutritional deficiency, and increases one's risk of developing other medical conditions and autoimmune diseases. A person diagnosed with celiac disease must go on a strict gluten free diet for life, accompanied by regular medical follow up. Attending this presentation will provide you with the basic understanding of who should be screened for celiac disease, what questions to ask your medical provider, and how to maintain a gluten free diet. Being properly diagnosed can dramatically improve your health or that of your loved one.

The Hudson Valley Celiac Support group, a Connections member of the Celiac Disease Foundation, was established in 2004. The support group meets the fourth Tuesday of most months at Vassar Brothers Medical Center ( Meetings are informational for those who have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, and include medical professionals as speakers, gluten free food samples, and the sharing of helpful tips and advice. The Celiac Disease Foundation is a nonprofit highly regarded national organization dedicated to providing services and supports regarding Celiac Disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis through programs of awareness, education, advocacy and research. ( ).

Nancy D. Ginter, Director of Operations for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA), will share her extensive knowledge about celiac disease. Nancy is responsible for the NFCA Speakers Bureau, contributing to NFCA publications and working on NFCA programs for raising awareness. NFCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of celiac amongst medical professionals and the general public in order to serve the health and well being of those with the disease, gain prompt and accurate diagnosis for those still suffering, and advance research that will better understand the disorder and find a cure. NFCA is a leading resource for celiac information and has a nationally focused celiac awareness campaign. The NFCA website ( offers free, comprehensive information and support materials for celiac patients, their families and health care professionals.


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Breath~Body~Mind Workshop for Relief of Stress, Anxiety, and Worry
Presented by Richard P. Brown, MD

brownsm.jpgDr. Richard P. Brown will lead you through a set of gentle movement, breathing, and relaxation practices that balance the stress response system and increase stress resilience. He teaches a unique blend of ancient and modern techniques that rapidly relieve anxiety and other stress-related symptoms. These techniques have proved to be effective in healthy individuals for coping with every day stress, as well as for people with anxiety, insomnia, depression, PTSD, medical illnesses such as high blood pressure, fatigue, and other stress-related conditions. Furthermore, those who practice regularly improve their respiratory function, athletic performance, and tolerance for high altitudes.

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Are You a Caregiver Sandwich? Don't Be Eaten Alive
Presented by Wendy Rudder, LCSW


ruddersm.jpgMany women have become "sandwiched" in between 2 generations of family members. They spend many years caring for their children and families then suddenly find themselves needing to become caregivers to their aging parents, as well. This workshop provides an overview of some of the issues caregivers of elderly and those with dementia face and some ways to deal with the stress of the demands of being a caregiver.


Wendy Rudder is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) who has practiced social work with a variety of populations. She has worked with seniors for several years. She joined the staff of the Alzheimer's Association in May of 2007 and currently serves both Dutchess and Ulster counties. Her work at the association includes meeting with families to provide support, information, and referral, facilitating support groups, acting as liaison with other community agencies and conducting professional and community education programs like this one. She also has been a presenter at several Alzheimer's Association conferences including Dutchess/Ulster and Rockland County Caregiver Conferences, as well as the annual Dementia Conference for the state of CT.



The Energetics of Foods and Medicinal Plants for Dynamic Women’s Health through the Seasons
Presented by Susan Krieger; L.Ac., MS


susankriegersm.jpgIn this workshop Susan will incorporate the dynamics of Chinese and Japanese Medicinal Foods and Plants as Medicine, The Five Phases and insights from her many years of clinical practice guiding students and clients with their health and healing through a Complimentary/Wholistic health and nutritional approach. You will explore the principles and preventative healing nature of foods for smooth seasonal transitions, their energetic and nutritional actions and directional flows within the body, on the Meridians-Pathways, Organ systems, Yin Yang balance for harmonizing Women’s Reproductive Health, Hormone Balancing, Anti Aging and Longevity for body and mind, Renewing Kidney energy for longevity, De-Constraining Liver Qi and emotional harmony. Participant’s questions and concerns will be welcome.

Susan Krieger; L.Ac., MS, Diplomate of NCCAOM in Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine/Asian Bodywork, MEA-Certified Health and Nutritional Counselor, AOBTA-Founding Member/VP for 5 years/Certified Senior Shiatsu Instructor, is an internationally renowned practitioner, teacher and counselor of Women’s Health, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, The Five Elements, The Energetics of Foods, Medicinal Food and Plant Remedies, Integrative Macrobiotics, Ki-Shiatsu-Acupressure, Oriental Diagnosis, Asian Healing Arts, Oi-Gong-Yoga, Energy Healing, and Meridian-Self Shiatsu of over 33 years. Susan writes for professional acupuncture, bodywork, nutrition and health journals. She produced The Ki-Shiatsu Instructional DVD, presents workshops and lectures for the UN, universities, acupuncture and bodywork schools and organizations, hospitals, women's organizations, corporations, private events and wellness, health and healing organizations and centers. Susan has an active private practice in New York City.
HIV The Growing Concern in Women
Presented by Dr. Michael Sheran


Healing at the Speed of Light - Laser and Advanced Technology in Podiatric Care
Presented by Tracey G. Toback, DPM

tobacsm.jpgThis presentation will provide information on common foot problems and discuss management and treatment of bunions, hammertoes, heel pain and selection of proper shoe gear. It will also introduce the new FDA cleared laser treatment for fungus toenails, without the side effects that many may experience with oral medications. This embarrassing condition, known as onychomycosis, causes thickening and discoloration of nails which affects nearly 35 million people in this country alone. This presentation will demonstrate the new laser technology, PinPointe FootLaser, that only requires one treatment without pain or side effects. It will show women how they can once again have an opportunity to wear open toe footwear without the embarrassment and often discomfort that is associated with deformed thickened nails.

A graduate of the New York College of Podiatric medicine, Dr. Toback continued as a professor at the college. He initially learned from and was inspired by his father, also a podiatrist. As a student, he realized what a difference he could make in a patient's quality of life. Dr. Toback is proactive in his approach to treating patients of all ages suffering from foot problems that stem from biomechanical faults – such as heel spurs, high arches, or flat feet – or problems that develop in response to diseases like diabetes. Each treatment plan is tailored to the best interest of the patient, and can range from conservative but highly-effective custom-made orthotics to the most advanced surgeries. Toback Podiatry features in-office technology, including weight-bearing X-rays to identify the misalignment of the bones in the foot. No matter the procedure, Dr. Toback involves his patients in their care. "I love to teach and take the time to have my patients understand the how and why of their foot care."

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A Holistic Approach to Hormone Replacement
Presented by Neal Smoller

With the use of compounded hormones for menopause on the rise, we will discuss the real risks and benefits of hormone therapy. More importantly, we will stress the relationship of lifestyle choices and menopausal symptoms. In particular, how stress, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition impact symptoms of menopause. We'll briefly describe our process to determine if a patient is a good candidate for hormone therapy, and some examples of how making good life choices have a greater, long term benefit than hormone therapy can.

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