Complimentary Spa Zone 2015



The Women's Health & Fitness Expo is coordinating complimentary massage therapy and spa services for visitors. Participating schools, spas and fitness centers will present massage therapists and other professionals to provide Reflexology, Reiki, and Massage Therapy that aids stress reduction. Participating providers include:


Arthur Todd
Massage Therapy

Arthur Todd provides therapeutic massage services to clients in need of relief. The method, touch and pressure used is determined by the client's needs. For more information, go to



Ben Fleisher, M.S.Ac., L.Ac., C.Z.B.

Ben fleisher offers acupuncture and zero balancing treatments in Woodstock and Manhattan. For more information, go to



Halima Smith
Gata Bella Waxing

Halima Smith, owner of Gata Bella Waxing, will be offering a complimentary service of an eyebrow or lip wax. Gata Bella Waxing's sole purpose is to provide all your waxing needs in a sanitary and comfortable environment. Services provided with excellence, cleanliness and care.



Hudson Valley Community Reiki

The flowering of Hudson Valley Community Reiki has its roots in their ongoing Sunday Reiki shares (where practitioners get together to give and receive Reiki). They  want to share this gift in the form of community services. For more information, visit



Vivian Bodie
Energy Massage

Vivian has been a massage therapist for 26 years and has also been intuitive for her entire life. She combines these talents in her energy work and massage. Her process works with a person, their belief system, and her awareness - resulting in a relaxed body that releases different layers of stress, pain or discomfort.