Chef Demonstrations 2015

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Vegan Food Does Not Have To Be Tasteless
Roufia Payman
9:00 am - 10:00 am

Join Rofia in a healthy cooking demonstration.  She will show you how to make vegan food tasty and enjoyable.

Roufia Payman, CDN, is the Supervisor of Outpatient Nutritional Education at Northern Dutchess Hospital. Roufia leads programs including the New Leaf Program, the Bariatric Support Group and more, all through the Rhinebeck campus. She has worked to initiate program changes within the Red Hook, Rhinebeck and Hyde Park school systems. Her writing and advice has been featured in several news outlets throughout the region.  She is also a certified lifestyle coach for diabetic prevention.



    Simple Solutions For Wellness & Weight-Loss!
    Dr. Ken Kochman
    10:00 am - 11:00 am

    Dieting is now a thing of the past!  Come be part of a fun & interactive workshop that will           finally give you the concrete solutions you've been searching for to help you discover your         OPTIMAL HEALTH & help you achieve FAST, SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE & HEALTHY WEIGHT-LOSS       by utilizing FREE support and balanced eating...all with NO pills, NO counting, NO exercise,                and NO dieting!

Dr. Ken Kochman, national expert on weight-loss, founder of New York Spine & Wellness Center, has helped individuals and corporations create wellness programs and initiatives to help people regain their health.  Additionally, he has successfully implemented weight-loss programs into health professional practices throughout the nation, benefiting both doctor and patient.



Bruce PaleyHeart Healthy Patio Party
Bruce Paley
11:00 am - 12 noon

Come join Chef Bruce Paley and staff from The BOWERY DUGOUT for a demonstration of Heart Healthy Lunch Patio Party. Chef Bruce began his career in the Kingston area in 1973 when he opened Paleys' IGA super market. He is a graduate of the NYCCC Hotel and Restaurant program with Chef Of The Year Honors as well as a graduate of the Food & Maritime trades High School in Manhattan also with Chef of the year Honors.

This demo and recipes are good for 6-8 guests. Bruce will prepare Sea Bass Ceviche, quinoa salad with nuts & berries, Tuscan kale salad with Asiago cheese, cherry tomatoes with roasted garlic and fresh basil, and white bean salad. All these great flavors and textures served on a bed of mixed greens.
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Qiong WangTea with Dr. Wang
Qiong Wang
12:00 noon - 1:00pm

Take a unique journey to the world of tea with Dr. Qiong Wang, M.D. In this special seminar, you will learn the characters of various teas and their health benefits. The effects of tea on weight control, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and women’s health will be discussed. Learn how to recognize good quality teas and the correct ways of making a perfect cup of fresh tea of several categories. Following the seminar, Dr. Wang invites you for tea. She will be making and serving various teas for tea tastings and conversations at the Expo.

Dr. Wang grew up at Mt. Lu Green Tea Plantation, China. She is a practicing physician and an expert on tea. She has given many workshops and lectures on tea in upstate areas. Her classes are well received and praised by attendees and media. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to become a well informed tea consumer and a healthier YOU!



Atanas ValevCooking with Trimona Yogurt - Surprising and Tasty!
Atanas Valev
1:00 pm - 2:00pm

Atanas Valev will give a brief history of Bulgarian Yogurt, its unrivaled health benefits, clearing out the confusion about dairy and why all dairy should not be demonized. He will prepare marinated chicken thighs in Trimona yogurt with cucumber, dill and garlic and sauteed spinach and scallions with long grain brown rice, topped with Trimona yogurt.

Atanas Valev developed Trimona Bulgarian yogurt-- an organic, low lactose, yogurt made in the Catskills with whole milk from grass-fed cows.This ancient recipe of his Bulgarian heritage and custom-selected probiotic L. Bulgaricus are what create its distinctive tangy taste and yogurt aroma. Atanas is on a mission he calls "The yogurt renaissance".



Fast Fun Fit Food...Fruit! and Veggies too 🙂
Jay and Jennifer Jacobs
2:00 pm - 3:00pm

Join Jay and Jennifer as they share the on-the-go fruits and veggies they ate during their 8 months on Biggest Loser, their new favorites, and the “Crazy Delicious” ways they prepare them. And of special interest, you’ll have a chance to taste test some of their favorite kid-friendly “Summer Fit” smoothie recipes… Yes mom’s you’ll learn first hand how to get your kids to love veggies! #wepromisetheywill

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