What do you get when you combine a dash of spirituality, some tribal sounds, a few yoga-inspired movements and your mom's souped up hula hoop?

BodyHoops for dance, exercise and play!

The trend is no longer called "hula hooping", it's just "hooping". The hoops are now multicolored and weighted and not just used by kids for fun. You'll find young and old hooping in community centers & parks, in health spas, at work and in fitness establishments. There's also a subculture taking hooping to an even higher level. Hooping has achieved a spiritual quality of its own - an underground electronic scene filled with tribal sounds, fire dancing, rhythmic gyrations and American Indian/Gypsy-inspired fashions.

It's turned into a much richer, more universally-inspired trend than that of the 50's and at the forefront of today's hooping movement is Diana Lopez & BodyHoops.  Diana began seriously hooping in 2002, "I found this to be great exercise, strengthening core muscles which enabled me to more quickly recover from surgery. Hooping provided a wonderful way to move, smile and feel good which aided in the healing process." She has since been teaching hoop dancing "playshop"s to kids and adults and is launching a unique certified instructors program. "There is such passion and true interest in hooping as an exercise form and physical fitness curriculum that we've established a teaching program. Our BodyHoops Certification Program will enable teachers to introduce and teach hoop dance in a variety of settings."

Diana also manufactures her own larger, weighted hoops and has produced many innovative DVDs that take hooping to a whole new level of dance creativity, fitness and fun.

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