Chef Demos 2012


9:30-10:30 Yuko Horio-Scheld, Registered Dietitian
Vassar Brothers Medical Center:

The Un-Cooking Demo

10:30-11:30 Lynn Tonelli:
Joia Modular Food Healthy Cooking Workshop

11:30-12:30 Chef Linda:
Where's The Protein?

1:30-2:30 Kusum Gupta:
Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Life

2:30-3:30 Bernie Salazar:
Healthy Cooking For KIDS!

3:30-4:30 Valerie & Robert Gropper:
Beyond The Chip


My Brother Bobby's Salsa - Beyond the Chip

Valerie & Robert Gropper

gropperssm.jpgThe good news is when you scoop this spicy red salsa onto your fajita, burrito, or taco, you'll be getting more than great taste. You will also be enjoying the many health benefits this condiment has to offer.

My Brother Bobby'™s Salsa is the definitive local fresh salsa made in the Hudson Valley since 1993. Owners Valerie & Robert Gropper will explore the key health benefits of fresh salsa and ways to enjoy it Beyond the Chip.


The Catskill Animal Sanctuary Presents: Where'™s the Protein?

Chef Linda Soper-Kolton

lindasm.jpgIt's the question all potential vegans ask, œbut where will I get my protein? Americans are obsessed with protein and most of us are eating too much of it. Plant-based protein is ideal for optimum health, is easier to find that you would think, and is a healthier and more humane way to eat. Understanding our protein requirements and the best plant-based protein sources are at the foundation of a sustainable vegan diet. Making them taste great is also critical! Join the Catskill Animal Sanctuary'™s Compassionate Cuisine Chef Linda for a demo that will leave you feeling confident in answering that perennial question about your protein! Free samples and a 10% off coupon to the full "Where's the Protein" class to be held at the Sanctuary in Saugerties on Thursday July 12 will be available to all guests attending this demo. For more info, see: or contact Chef Linda:

Linda Soper-Kolton graduated from New York's Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in Manhattan where she studied health-supportive cooking and whole food dietary theory. She has been cooking and teaching professionally for the past several years in CT and is passionate about inspiring and educating people to explore and expand healthy dietary choices which will improve their overall wellness, and at the same time support a more compassionate and greener environment. She spent many years working at an international children's charity and is now switching gears to help animals by teaching others about a healthy vegan diet.


Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Life

Kusum Gupta

kgupta.jpgKusum will be presenting a nourishing cooking style that incorporates various vegetables, grains and herbs with exciting spices. Her book Recipes with a Spice - Indian Cuisine for Balanced Nutrition is a collection of 260 recipes from different regions of India, using whole grains, lentils, vegetables, and different spices and herbs, allowing you to indulge your appetite, spice up the food, and treat your taste buds to an exciting range of flavors. It addresses the needs of the experienced cook as well as the adventurous beginner. She is also the author of Hindu Spirituality - A Practical Approach Based on the Bhagavad Gita.

Kusum Gupta, a retired IBM Advisory Programmer, seeks healthful ways to cook and lead a balanced life, physically and spiritually. She has given classes on Indian cooking and Hindu spirituality.