Cooking Demos 2009

9:00-10:00 Dr Qiong Wang: Green Tea and Women's Health


Agnes Devereux: The Village TeaRoom



Holly Shelowitz: Food for Fertility

12:30-1:30 Chef Alec


Kusum Gupta: "Using Whole Grains"


Holly Shelowitz: Overcoming Overeating

Quinoa Salad
By Agnes Devereux

Agnes Devereux's story began in a small village at the foot of a mountain in “the golden vale€ of Ireland. Her parents had a hotel and before home births were fashionable she was born in room number nine. Ireland’s hospitality is world famous and life revolved around their guests, many of whom came back year after year from all corners of the world. Baking was one of her favourite tasks, inspiring some of her best childhood memories of delicious meals and the memory of a house filled with the scent of stews and soups and cakes.

Living in Paris for two years another world of food opened up and there was an education in every patisserie in the city.

While studying interior design in Manhattan she worked for many years at NYC’s Union Square Café. During that time the restaurant was awarded the James Beard award for outstanding service. She received a remarkable education in food wine and hospitality from the owner, Danny Meyer who is considered a leader in the field today.

After moving to New Paltz she attended the Institute of Culinary Education while planning the renovation of the beautiful 19th century structure, the former tailor shop of Alderd Schoonmaker. The restaurant has received accolades for the exceptional quality of the food served as well as the genuine warmth of its hospitality.


    Using Whole Grains
    By Kusum Guptakgupta.jpg

    Kusum Gupta, a gourmet cook for healthy meals will demonstrate how to incorporate multiple servings of greens and other vegetables in a sumptuous dish. It is topped with freshly made cheese. The recipe is given below and is from her book Recipes with a Spice - Indian Cuisine for Balanced Nutrition. Visit her at . She has also published Hindu Spirituality - A Practical Approach Based on the Bagwad Gita. Her prime interest is finding new ways to cook and promoting a healthy wy to live, physically and spiritually. The recipe is available here.

    Kusum Gupta, a graduate from Delhi University, India, worked at International Business Machines (IBM) for nearly 25 years and retired as Advisory Programmer in 1992. Since then, she has been involved in several community activities such as:

    • The Dutchess County Interfaith Council and Hindu Samaj; she gives presentations on Hindu Spirituality.
    • The India Festival; she organizes this event in collaboration with local organizations to promote multiculturalism.
    • Continuing Education Programs in schools; she teaches Indian Cooking and provides general cooking presentations.
    • Served on the board of ‘Community Family Development' for several years. Acted as President for two terms.

    Her prime interest is finding new ways to cook and promoting healthy ways to live physically and spiritually. She has also published:

    • Recipes with a Spice - From Asian Indian Kitchens
    • Hindu Spirituality - A Practical Approach Based on the Bhagwad Gita.


    Food For Fertility.
    by Holly Anne Shelowitzhollyshelowitz.jpg

    Are you planning on becoming pregnant in the coming year? There are many wonderful foods that can enhance your fertility and bring nourishment to your reproductive system. Join Holly and learn how to prepare your body for this most amazing creative process.

    Overcoming Overeating.
    by Holly Anne Shelowitz

    Do you find that you eat past the point of satisfaction? Do you crave sweets or salty crunchy foods? Do you have certain foods that you feel "out of control" with, and have a hard time stopping when you are eating them?

    Well, you are not alone! Would you believe that there are certain foods that actually make you crave more? It's a physiological issue - physical and psychological - and it's not about willpower. Join Holly in this interactive demo and learn about the foods and habits that make us crave more, as well as the delicious foods that help to keep us balanced and clear.

    Holly Anne Shelowitz

    Holly Anne Shelowitz is a Certified Nutrition Counselor and Whole Foods Educator and Director of Nourishing Wisdom Nutrition. Holly’s unique approach teaches clients tangible ways to incorporate nourishing foods into their lives and make positive changes that last. Her group and individual programs include in person and long distance nutrition counseling sessions, cooking classes, shopping trips to natural food stores, tours of local farms, telephone classes, and nutrition seminars in the workplace. She has been featured in numerous publications in the Hudson Valley and throughout the Northeast. Visit her website at to learn more.