Fitness 2009

Exercise Demos

Getting and staying fit doesn't have to be a chore any more! Check out these exciting options for new ideas to feel and look better, meet new people and have fun getting into shape.



Wake Up & Work Out
Presented by Kathleen Murphy - MAC Fitness
Enjoy a Body Flow class to start the day... a yoga based class mixed with Pilates and Tai Chi movements that will leave you feeling stretched, strong, centered and calm.

Fitness Rm A
9-10 Family Yoga: Learn ways to do yoga with your child
Presented by Doreen Foxwell - The Children's School of Yoga
Fitness Rm A
9-10 Kickboxing: Total body workout choreographed with high and low impact kicks & jabs to increase your stamina, flexibility and strength.
Presented by:
Elena Brandhofer - YMCA
Fitness Rm B
10-11 Intro to Static Stability & Perfect Posture 101
Presented by Dr. Emily Splichal

A first impression is a lasting impression. The way we carry ourselves is a reflection to the world of our self-confidence and attitude. Catwalk Confidence is the ONLY workout that specifically targets building postural strength and endurance through targeted exercises, leaving you standing taller and more confident!
Fitness Rm B
10-11 The Nia Technique
Presented by Hanna Weare

Nia is an expressive-movement fitness technique that weaves together martial arts, dance arts and healing arts, using simple choreography and Freedance coupled with varied and inspiring music, to create an effective and fun workout that hones the power of your body, the precision of your mind and the uniqueness of your spirit, leaving you feeling totally alive.
Fitness Rm A
11-12 BodyHoops for Fun and Fitness
Presented by Diana Lopez

Experience a super fun workout with adult sized hula hoops that are slightly weighted. Flex and strengthen your core while burning lots of calories!
Fitness Rm B

Smart Bells
Presented by Ujjala Schwartz
SmartBells helps strengthen the heart, reduce stress, improve balance, strengthen bones and increase energy. This exercise program incorporates the Eastern philosophy of fluid movement with the Western concept of weights, resulting in healing exercises.

Fitness Rm A
1-2 Shakti Yoga: Strength, Vitality and Possibility
Presented by Linda Winnick

An all levels class introducing yoga as a holistic practice to add to popular notions of yoga as a way to relieve stress, become more flexible and serene. We will also touch upon yoga as a means to develop strength and vitality, opening up the mind and heart to the possibilities of overcoming personal challenges for full transformation.
Fitness Rm A
1-2 Barbell Strength Training: Increase strength and endurance using the barbell, working all major muscle groups.
Presented by
Judy Burns - YMCA
Fitness Rm B
2-3 Pilates Mat
Presented by Donna Greenfield

A beginner/intermediate mat class that builds core strength, increases flexibillity and stretches the body. Special focus on finding and utilizing the abdominal muscles.
Fitness Rm B
2-3 Zumba Fitness
Presented by Catherine Schoch

Zumba is a dance program that incorporates easy to follow dance steps with traditional cardio combinations. It is a fun and exciting way toget fit and stay healthy. Zumba is for people of all ages and sizes. You don't need to know how to dance to Zumba. Enjoy moving to latin and international music while getting a great workout!
Fitness Rm A
3-4 T'ai Chi, Qigong and Qi Healing for Relieving Stress
Presented by Cassia Berman

Learn simple, enjoyable techniques to help you let go of stress and anxiety, and experience the natural health, happiness and peace that's already inside. By doing the meditative movements of Qigong and T'ai Chi, focusing a positive mind on specific points in the body, you can easily heal chronic problems (including neck, back and shoulder pain, menstrual and menopausal difficulties, hypertension, high blood pressure and cholesterol, etc.), generate more energy, increase physical, mental and emotional balance, tone the body, gain radiant, youthful health on all levels, and discover great treasures within yourself.
Fitness Rm B
3-3:30 Children's Martial Arts Workshop (Ages 5-12)
Presented by Master Lykes - Lykes Martial Arts

Children learn basic karate blocks, punches and kicks in a fun and safe atmosphere. Karate helps to improve coordination, balance and fitness for the body, as well as concentration, self discipline, and confidence for the mind! Instructor-
Fitness Rm A
3:30-4:15 Women's Krav Maga Self-Protection Workshop
Presented by Master Lykes - Lykes Martial Arts

Krav Maga doesn’t rely on strength, size or fitness level. Virtually anyone can do it. Its movements and techniques are easy to do, fun to learn and safe to practice. However, you shouldn’t mistake it’s effectiveness because of it’s simplicity. Krav Maga will give you the confidence and knowledge to defend yourself in any situation. Ready to get into the best shape of you life?
Fitness Rm A
4-5 Body Combat
Presented by MAC Fitness

A non-combat martial arts based fitness class with moves drawn from karate, taekwando, kung fu, kickboxing, muay thai, and tai chi.
Fitness Rm B