Ilyse Schapiro, Ms, Rd, Cdn and Hallie Rich

lyse-schapiroIlyse Schapiro, Ms, Rd, Cdn and  Hallie Rich
Should I Scoop Out My Bagel? and 99 Other Answers to Your Everyday Diet & Nutrition 
Questions to Help You Lose Weight, Feel Great & Live Healthy
Dietitian Ilyse Schapiro and health expert Hallie Rich are “Dear Abby” meets Sex and the City meets Dr. Oz. They’re realistic in their approach to nutrition—they know people will cheat on their diets, dine out, consume alcohol, and have (hopefully plenty of) sex. They also know people really want answers they can understand from an expert. And now their answers are here for you as they speak about Should I Scoop My Bagel? And 99 Other Answers to Your Everyday Diet and Nutrition Questions to Help You Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Live Healthy.
Based on the authors’ twenty-five years of combined experience, Schapiro and Rich will cover a multitude of topics that constantly top the list.


Questions include:

  • I eat only salads and I’m still not losing weight. What am I doing wrong?
  • Is it time to get on the gluten-free bandwagon?
  • What does “natural” even mean?
  • If I eat well, why do I need to take a multivitamin?
  • And more….


With so much information available, the authors of Should I Scoop My Bagel? will give you the tools to sort through the BS and know what is truly important and relevant to your health.

Authors Ilyse Schapiro, MS, RD, CDN, is the Founder & President of Ilyse Schapiro Nutrition, a nutrition counseling and consulting practice.  As a nationally recognized expert in the field of nutrition, Ilyse is sought after time and again to offer perspective on nutrition trends and healthy living.  Before launching her own private practice, she was a dietitian at Joy Bauer Nutrition and served as a clinical dietitian at the Hospital for Special Surgery.
Hallie Rich  is proud to be a third generation vitamin industry executive and entrepreneur.  She has followed in her family’s lauded footsteps as an innovative force in the industry by creating the award winning alternaVites brand of melt-in-your-mouth powdered vitamins.  She has redefined how people take their daily vitamins and is regarded as a pioneer and expert in her field.  Hallie received her BA with honors from the University of Michigan.