Make a Difference

How would you like to help women change their lives?

On May 5th at the 7th Annual Women's Health and Fitness Expo, we expect 5000 women and their friends, families, and fellas to learn all about how to lead healthier, more active and fulfilling lives.

But we need a hand. We are asking you and your organization to help with a wide variety of jobs, including getting organized the week before the event, assisting with our production team the day of the event, working the registration table, and serving as hostesses at the expo.

When the Women's Health and Fitness Expo was founded six years ago, it was truly a local, community-wide effort. Today, dozens of our neighbors are also participating. Your local medical facilities  - its doctors, and over 100 of our local and regional store owners, retailers, newspapers, banks and other friends you know are coming together to make this 7th Annual Expo the best one ever.

We are all working hard to build a healthier community together, and to have fun along the way.

Rarely is there a better opportunity to lend a hand. We invite you to come on board and help make this year's event a spectacular success for all who attend.


Most sincerely,

Debra Karnasiewicz, M.D.