Schedule 2007


7:30 Registration
Wake Up & Work Out with Kristen McGee
8:00 Debra Albright Mindfulness Meditation Made Easy Workshop
8:30 Marc Tack D.O. €œAdult Immunizations Speaker
9:00 Joan Apter Hormonal Balance for Women with Essential Oils Workshop
9:30 Annie B. Bond Go Green for Yourself; Go Green for the Plant Speaker
10:00 Karin Janin €œImagine That..Magic Happens Workshop
10:30 Mary-Abbott Hess Supermarketing: Best Foods for Family Health Speaker
11:00 MaryEllen Whittington-Couse: €œPaper and Piles Workshop
11:30 Katherine Switzer Marathon Woman Speaker
12:30 Jennie Finch Winning- On and Off the Field Speaker
1:00 William Cologrande Working on Your Marriage Alone Workshop
1:30 Dr. James Cocores The Link Between Food and Learning, Memory, Mood and Performance Speaker
2:00 Doug Grunther€œ Enlighten Up: How Laughing Improves Our Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Being Workshop
2:30 Neal Pire €œTake Control of Your Family'€™s Health Speaker
3:00 Cynthia Craft Sex Sells, but at What Cost Workshop