2008 Kid’s Zone


Smoke Out Productions, a Kingston based children's educational puppet company will present "Smoke-Free Forest" at the 2008 Women's Health Expo at Tech City. The puppet play is an updated version of the folk tale "The Tortoise and the Hare" and features large colorful animal puppets.  The performances are suitable for Preschoolers to 3rd Graders.

In "Smoke-Free Forest", the chain-smoking Mr. Rabbit, with the help of his forest friends, learns about the hazards of smoking during a race with Mr. Turtle and discovers how cigarette smoke harms his heart, lungs, and brain. He also learns about the dangers of second hand smoke after he loses the race to the clean living turtle. He successfully quits smoking forever.

This entertaining and educational 15 minute puppet theater performance is made possible through a grant from the Ulster County Health Department in conjunction with the Ulster County Legislature.

For further information, contact Steven Gottlieb at (845) 339-5556.

Program Director


Steven Gottlieb, Director of the Puppettree Theater, has spent 25 years writing, performing, and producing plays for children. Selected by the United Nations Year of the Child to tour the West Indies, Mr. Gottlieb's puppetry work has been featured world wide. As director and founder of nationally recognized Gifted and Talented Unlimited, his elementary school students won three first prizes in a New York City anti-smoking contest with over 10,000 entries. A video documentary Gifted and Talented was produced and broadcast on several Westchester networks. Recognized for his unique teaching methods, Mr. Gottlieb received The Readers Digest American Hero in Education as well as the American Bar Association Elementary Teacher of the Year Award.

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ronamaynard.jpg Watercolor Workshop by Rona Maynard

Teaching artist Rona Maynard will offer a workshop that introduces children to the medium of Watercolor in a way that encourages perceptual skills and emphasizes capturing form through observation. Mrs. Maynard is an artist, teacher, and curator of the Emily Hoystradt Gallery in Kingston, NY. Trained at the School of Visual Arts, she specializes in illustration, watercolor and landscapes. Rona has taught at BOCES, Ulster County Community College, Marbletown Youth Commision, and Good Shepherd School.

vargusfitness.jpg Athletic Advantage by Mike Vargus

A Program designed for young athletes, Athletic Advantage begins with an evaluation that includes body fat analysis, Shuttle Run, Push-Ups, Crunches, and Squats. Based on the evaluation, a custom routine that focuses on balance and stability, endurance, strength, power and speed is designed. Agility Drills include cones, ladders and hurdles.

The goal of this program is to improve overall athletic performance and physical fitness. For more information about Mike, visit his web site at http://www.vargusfitness.com


safecard.jpg Operation Safe Child

Statistics show that 34 percent of parents in the United States do not know their child's exact height, weight and eye color. And, when a child is reported missing, time can be the greatest adversary. Possessing up-to-date photographs and detailed information about a child can prove to be important proactive measures that can greatly assist local law enforcement officials to quickly respond to a child's disappearance.

Using equipment that contains the latest digital fingerprinting technology and high resolution photography capabilities, the Town of Ulster Police Department will produce SAFE CHILD

cards for parents and guardians. The cards contain a child's name, biographical information (date of birth, gender, height, weight, hair color, eye color, etc.), and a fingerprint image of both index fingers. The card can be made in less than two minutes and can be easily carried in a wallet or pocketbook. Interested parents can choose to store the fingerprints, basic biographical information and photographs of children who are not missing -- information critical to expediting the return of a missing child. The storage of information is entirely voluntary and requires the written consent of a parent or legal guardian.

The information gathered is digitally recorded and stored in a database at the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) in Albany. In the event DCJS receives a missing child report, the fingerprints of that child will be included in a special search file and compared against all incoming fingerprints submitted to the agency. In addition to being able to quickly provide important details to police agencies investigating child disappearances, the New York State SAFE CHILD Card will serve as an important tool when used in conjunction with the New York State AMBER Alert and Missing Child Alert programs. These cards will allow essential missing child information to be electronically disseminated, statewide if necessary, within minutes and dramatically increase the possibility of bringing a missing child home unharmed.

For additional information, visit Operation SAFE CHILD online at: