Schedule 2008


7:30 Registration Â
 Wake Up & Work Out with Kristen McGee Speaker
8:00 Ujjala Schwartz "Smart Bells" Workshop
8:30 Spinning with the YMCA Fitness Demo
9:00 WomenHeart "The 40 Super Foods to Promote Healthy Hearts" Speaker
 Judith Greenfield, Ph.D. "Taking Charge of your Health: How to Talk to your Doctors." Workshop
 Pilates Mat Work Demo with Conscious Body Pilates and Massage Therapy Studio Fitness Demo
9:30 Fitness Boxing System with Livingstone Bramble Fitness Demo
10:00 Liz Neporent "Lite Years Ahead. How to lose weight and keep it off for good." Speaker
 Doug Grunther " Laughing our Way to Health: How Humor Improves Our Physical and Emotional Well-Being" Workshop
 The Little Gym Fitness Demo
10:30 Smart Bells with Ujjala Schwartz Fitness Demo
11:00 Steve Mckee "My Father's Heart" Speaker
 MaryEllen Whittington-Couse "Making Time for What Matters." Workshop
 Stretching to Reduce Pain in the Lower Back and Hip Region with Jim King Fitness Demo
11:30 Silver Sneakers Fitness Demo
12:00 Tamilee Webb "Achieving the Body you want with the body you have" Speaker
 Joan Apter "Maintaing Vibrant Health with Essential Oils". Workshop
1:00 Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH,FASP "Are you Fit to Live-Mentally, Nutritionally, Physically, Financially and Environmentally" Speaker
 Erica D. Porter "Desire, Action, Focus" Workshop
 Zumba with the YMCA Fitness Demo
1:30 Yoga with Kristin McGee Fitness Demo
2:00 Jeff Feagles: A Champion's Story Speaker
 William Colagrande "Looking Good: Three Simple Steps to Developing an Optimistic Outlook."


 Fitness Boxing System with Livingstone Bramble Fitness Demo
2:30 Buns of Steele Workout with Tamilee Webb Fitness Demo
3:00 Debra Goldson-Prophete, MD "The Diabetes Obesity Epidemic." Speaker
 Janet Straightarrow "You are Medically Intuitive: Be the Medicine." Workshop
 Free Weight with the YMCA Fitness Demo
3:30 Rejuvenation through Body-Centered Meditation with Kathleen Donovan Fitness Demo