Seminars 2007

Jennie Finch: Winning - On and Off the Field
Kristin McGee: Wake Up & Work Out
Kathrine Switzer: Marathon Woman
Dr. James Cocores: The Link Between Food and Learning, Memory, Mood and Performance
Mary Abbott Hess: SuperMarketing: Best Foods for Family Health
Annie B. Bond: Go Green for Yourself; Go Green for the Planet
Dr. Marc Tack: Adult Immunization


Winning: On and Off the Field
Jennie Finchjfinch.jpg

Jennie Finch is arguably the most recognizable female team sport athlete in the United States. In addition to winning a Gold Medal with the 2004 US women's softball team, Finch has a long list of athletic accomplishments that includes winning an NCAA National Championship with the University of Arizona. She is a two-time winner of the NCAA Most Outstanding Player and NCAA record holder for longest winning streak (60 games). She will talk about winning on and off the field and demonstrate her skill with a pitching demo.

Off the field, Finch is equally decorated with accomplishments. Jennie was the first female correspondent for the long-running television program "This Week in Baseball," while also being named one of People Magazine's "Most Beautiful People" and ESPN's "Hottest Female Athlete" in 2003.

Most recently, Finch has joined ESPN as a correspondent, covering Fantasy Baseball across multiple ESPN properties including ESPN Network, & ESPN Magazine.


Kristin McGee's Power Yoga
Kristin McGeekristenmcgee.jpg

Kristin McGee's experience with fitness dates back to 1997, when she became a yoga, Pilates and fitness teacher at New York's Crunch gym. Since then, the NYU graduate has served as a yoga and Pilates instructor at Clay Spa, Reebock Sports Club/Sports Club LA, Equinox and other health and fitness clubs. Kristin's professional accomplishments have expanded well beyond the gym. She served as host and choreographer for MTV's yoga and Pilates DVDs, has appeared on FOX 5 Good Day New York and the Jay Leno Show, and has modeled for advertisements for Lady's Footlocker and Budweiser. She has worked as a contributing editor, consultant and/or model for a variety of magazines, including Women's Health, Shape, Fitness, Self, Pilates Style and Fit Yoga. She is currently an Elite Fitness Instructor for PUSH TV and provides private instruction to select celebrity clientele, including actors Steve Martin and Jeff Goldblum, country singer LeAnn Rimes and MTV's Quddus. Kristin also teaches yoga and Pilates to preteens and teens in and around New York City.


Most recently, Kristin finished production on her own DVD series, which includes Kristin McGee's Power Yoga and Kristin McGee's Bendigirl Yoga, the first ever yoga program designed specifically for preteens and teens. For more information on Kristin, please visit her website at:


Marathon Woman
Kathrine Switzer


Switzer is a pivotal figure in women's sports history, as well as the women's Olympic movement and the global history of running. She captivates audiences with her often rollicking and always moving talks on the history of women in sports and, in particular, the tremendous social and cultural change that has occurred through the women's sports movement. She is a visionary and offers up her thought-provoking glimpses of the future for all audiences .


Kathrine Switzer will always be best known as the woman who challenged the all-male tradition of the Boston Marathon and became the first woman to officially enter and run the event. Her entry created an uproar and worldwide notoriety when a race official tried to forcibly remove her from the competition. Three decades later, the incident continues to capture the public imagination and is, in part, the reason Switzer has dedicated her multi-faceted career to creating opportunities on all fronts for women.


The Link Between Food and Learning, Memory, Mood and Performance
Dr. James Cocores

caxko359.jpgDr. Cocores will discuss the connection between feeding the brain and feeding the body. He will detail how people develop and draw on their energy reserves so they can learn, remember, feel good, and perform well. Just as it is with cars, the "fuel quality" people put in their bodies determines how smoothly they run. And it's obvious from the way people so often feel exhausted, unable to concentrate and out of gas (to continue the metaphor) that individual eating habits don't provide people with what they need. Dr. Cocores will also address the critical connection between how the chemistry of the mind affects physical needs. "Once people realize that they may be addicted to certain carbs, fats, proteins, cheese, milk chocolate, salt and other unhealthy foods when eaten in excess, only then will they be able to understand why they can't eat just one potato chip. And only then will they truly be able to change their eating habits for the better."


Dr. James Cocores is a nutritional neuropsychiatrist and co-founder of Psyche Nutritional Sciences, Inc. (PNSI), with extensive research in addiction recovery. He is a founding member of The American Academy of Psyciatrists in Alcholism and Addictions and has given more than 300 educational lectures on the links between nutrition, mood and substance abuse.


SuperMarketing: Best Foods For Family Health maryhess.jpg
Mary Abbott Hess

Merging the information from her books, The Supermarket Guide and Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Healthful Eating, Mary Abbott Hess will give 50 tips for choosing the very best foods in each aisle of the grocery store. She will talk about what to look for on food labels, ingredients for a healthful kitchen and maximizing nutrition for your food dollar. Latest nutrition guidance will be translated into food choices that you can buy and serve to promote the health of everyone who eats at your family table.

Mary Abbott Hess, LHD, MS, RD, LD, FADA, is a partner in Culinary Nutrition Associates. She is a former Chairman of the Board of The American Institute of Wine & Food, an organization founded by Julia Child and Robert Mondavi, and a past-President of The American Dietetic Association, the world's largest organization of dietitians. She is a former professor of nutrition who has received many national awards for her work and is the author of eight books. In her consulting practice, speaking engagements, and volunteer leadership positions, Dr. Hess educates the public, health professionals and chefs how to select and prepare food that is both great tasting and healthful.


Go Green For Yourself; Go Green For The Planetabond.jpg
Annie B. Bond

Based on Home Enlightenment, Practical, earth-Friendly Advice for Creating a Nurturing, Healthy and Toxin-Free Home and Lifestyle (Rodale Press 2005), Bond will discuss creating health and harmony in the home.

Annie B. Bond is considered an authoritative voice on the natural lifestyle. Annie offers us a new yet timeless paradigm, a way of living and creating a home that is in harmony with the earth. With an expert eye for hidden pollutants, honed by her own experience with chemical poisoning, Annie is a sensitive and insightful teacher. Devastated by the aftereffects of two chemical poisonings in the 1980s, unable to function in the world as she knew it, Annie's healing journey led her to discover all the hidden toxins in her home. Her first book, Clean and Green (1990) was a bestseller, reflecting the needs of a world hungry for healthy, non-toxic alternatives to everyday products. Since then, Annie has written The Green Kitchen Handbook (1996) and Better Basics for the Home (1999).


Adult Immunization
Dr. Marc Tack

Dr. Marc Tack, an infectious disease specialist who serves as Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Kingston and Benedictine Hospitals, will discuss the importance of adult immunization, including the HPV and Avian Flu vaccines.

Dr Tack completed his Internship and Residency, including a term as Chief Resident, at St. Vincent's Hospital and Medical Center, NYC and a Fellowship in Infectious Diseases at Brown University, Providence, RI.