Workshops 2007

Enlighten Up: How Laughing Improves Our Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Being. Presented by Doug Grunther

Hormonal Balance for Women with Essential Oils. Presented by Joan Apter

Imagine That..Magic Happens. Presented by Karin Janin

Mindfulness Meditation Made Easy. Presented by Debra Albright

Paper And Piles, Presented by Maryellen Whittington

Sex Sells, but at What Cost? Presented by Cynthia Craft

Understand Your Sweet Cravings. Presented by Holly Anne Shelowitz



Enlighten Up: How Laughing Improves Our Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Health
Presented by Doug Grunther

Can laughing strengthen our immune system? Are there reasons why the words, €œComic€ and €œCosmic€ are only 1 letter apart? How do dreams often use puns, jokes and outrageous satire to enlighten us?

In this informative and entertaining workshop, radio talk show host, speaker, and certified dream work facilitator Doug Grunther uses selected stories, jokes, dream research and medical experience to reveal the healthy benefits of laughter. In addition, Doug shows how by taking ourselves lightly, we go a long way towards overcoming our fears of illness and death.

Doug Grunther

Doug Grunther is the creator and host of €œThe Woodstock Roundtable,€ the award winning radio talk show on WDST-FM, Woodstock. Doug has a reputation for providing cutting-edge information with a healthy dose of humor. Among his featured guests have been comedian Jackie Mason, internationally recognized science researcher Dr. Lynne McTaggert, Zen Master John Daido Loori, Editor of MAD Magazine Joe Raiola, and Buddhist teacher Robert Thurman. Doug completed a Dream Group Training with eminent dream expert Dr. Montague Ullman, and in 2006, he received certification as a Dream Facilitator from the Institute directed by world-renown dream teacher Dr. Jeremy Taylor.


Hormonal Balance for Women with Essential Oils
Presented by Joan Apterjoanapter.jpg

In this fun, hands-on workshop we will focus on how to use essential oils, supplements, diet and lifestyle choices to improve the many symptoms of hormonal imbalance for women of all ages. Joan Apter discusses the importance of cleansing the body of excess toxicity using petrochemical-free products for personal and home needs and increasing longevity, libido and vitality with essential oils and formulations. Topics include preventing and reversing osteoporosis and overcoming other symptoms of hormonal imbalance such as dry skin, dry mucus membranes, depression, mood swings and hot flashes.

Joan Apter

Joan Apter is a licensed massage therapist with 14 years of training in the use and application of therapeutic essential oils. Joan offers therapeutic essential oil products, aromatherapy massage, consultations and classes throughout the tri-state area, and resides in Woodstock, N.Y

Imagine That..Magic Happenskarinjanin.jpg
Presented by Karin Janin

Imagine That ... Magic Happens NOW! Did you know that Magic is constantly happening all around us, all the time? Magic is "an action of moving from the ether into reality, a transformation." This workshop will help you focus on your imagination, a key ingredient in achieving your Heart's Desire. In her workshop, you will learn about the Hallelujah Factor, how to open up to your imagination, transform your thoughts from "I Try, I Can't" to "I Achieve, I Can!" energy, and so much more. There will be music, laughter and learning!

Karin Janin

Karin is the author of "Magic of Intention", a Certified Instructor of Hypnosis, has a private practice in Creative Life Coaching, and Director of the Mid-Hudson Women's Network. She has a degree in Psychology and working towards her MS/Ph.D. in Metaphysics through AIHT. Karin also has an online Radio Program called "30 Minutes With Karin." When she has time she creates motivational jewelry that is used as a tool towards someone's goal. Her favorite piece is a necklace with the charm that says "Imagine Magic." Karin is also the founder of The Orphan Connection, which honors orphans who are making a difference. Through her personal story, starting as an orphan from Germany, Karin has learned to appreciate life in the NOW and to let go of her past experiences. She shares what she's learned to help others achieve their heart's desire and get out of being stuck. Her motto is "It's Never Too Late!" Remember to Remember (quote from The Secret) the Magic that has happened and is happening now!



Working On Your Marriage Alone
Presented by William Colagrande

You can make effective changes in your relationship by making changes within yourself. Stop trying to change your spouse. The problem is not your spouse, but the dance the two of you do together and you play a significant role in that. Learn to cope effectively with anger and frustration and develop the skills and attitudes that create harmony in your life and your home. Taking care of yourself and of your relationship helps you to be happy.

William Colagrande

Bill Colagrande is a writer and licensed Mental Health Counselor in private practice in Kingston, NY. In addition to his clinical practice, Bill authors and facilitates several personal growth courses, including the Stanford Marriage Enrichment Program and the Stanford SmartDating Program, under the auspices of the Institute for Human Development. Bill has written over fifty mental health-related essays and produces a mental health/baseball talk show, Ya Gotta have Heart, on KPATV. He has been practicing psychotherapy with couples and individuals for over twenty-five years and lives in Phoenicia with his wife, Margit


Mindfulness Meditation Made Easydebraalbright.jpg
Presented by Debra Albright

Learn how to build meditation techniques into your busy life to relieve stress and enhance health and well-being. You will be guided through a simple mindfulness meditation by experienced teacher Deb Albright. This soothing journey through body, mind and heart will give you an experience of how the practice of mindfulness can allow you to recover your sense of joy and wonder and encourage gratitude and self-acceptance. These are simple tips that you can take home with you and practice anywhere, anytime, for more peace and happiness.

Debra Albright

Mind Body expert Deb Albright is the creator of At Ease Yoga and Meditation, a mindfulness-based approach to yoga-inspired movement, breathing, relaxation and meditation. Her work celebrates the power of paying attention to the body and mind as a witness, rather than a constant judge and critic. She leads classes, runs workshops and offers private coaching in upstate New York and around the country. A Kriplau-certified teacher, she has owned her own yoga studio and offered programs in schools, hospitals, businesses and monasteries for the last 15 years. On staff at Mohonk Mountain House Spa, in New Paltz, NY, she guides meditation circles and leads yoga and movement classes that welcome and celebrate all levels of ability.


Papers And Piles
Presented by Maryellen Whittington

The goal of this practical workshop is to provide you with a process to get your desktop papers organized. Whether at home or at work, you will learn strategies and techniques to effectively deal with your papers and piles.

  • Learn how to apply a simple process to your papers
  • Create your own organizing system
  • Ask Maryellen your specific questions


Maryellen Whittington

Maryellen Whittington-Couse M.I.A. C.D.P. is president of What Matters, a training and consulting firm. She is a diversity management professional and time management expert who has worked with many organizations, agencies and schools to help create welcoming and inclusive workplaces.


Sex Sells, but at What Cost?
Presented by Cynthia Craft

In today's world we are inundated with advertisements and images of women or parts of women and children used to sell just about anything. In this workshop, we will explore the use of sex and violence in marketing that contributes to our "rape culture". We will discuss how these characterizations of women and children foster continued violence and "normalize" tolerance for abuse. Finally, we will examine alternative ways to view men and women that encourage nonviolence and positive self-image.

Cynthia Craft

Cynthia Craft has been the Prevention Educator for the Ulster County Crime Victim Assistance Program since 2000. She works extensively with youth, adults and professions to promote healthy relationships and reduce interpersonal violence. As a member of Ulster County Task Force Against Sexual Assault, Ms. Craft introduced and coordinated the hugely successful Operation Freefall: Take a Two-Mile High Stand Against Sexual Assault for three years. She is currently serving as the regional Rape Crisis Center representative on the Sexual Assault Primary Prevention Council of the NYS Department of Health.


Understand Your Sweet Cravings. Presented by Holly Anne Shelowitz
hollyshelowitz.jpg Presented by Holly Anne Shelowitz

Do you have Sweet Cravings? Do you rely on something sweet to get you through the day or night? Does your energy crash around 3:00? Join Holly Anne Shelowitz, Certified Nutrition Counselor for this inspiring cooking demonstration and workshop, so you can finally understand what your body is trying to tell you. You will get to sample some of Holly's delicious creations as you learn!

Holly Anne Shelowitz

Holly Anne Shelowitz is a Certified Nutrition Counselor and Whole Foods Educator and Director of Nourishing Wisdom Nutrition. Holly€™s unique approach teaches clients tangible ways to incorporate nourishing foods into their lives and make positive changes that last. Her group and individual programs include in person and long distance nutrition counseling sessions, cooking classes, shopping trips to natural food stores, tours of local farms, telephone classes, and nutrition seminars in the workplace. She has been featured in numerous publications in the Hudson Valley and throughout the Northeast. Visit her website at to learn more.