Workshops 2008


Smart Bells. Presented by Ujjala Schwartz


Taking Charge of Your Health: How to Talk to Your Doctors. Presented by Judith Greenfield


Laughing our Way to Health: How Humor Improves our Physical and Emotional Well-Being. Presented by Doug Grunther



Maintaining Vibrant Health with Essential Oils. Presented by Joan Apter


Desire, Action, Focus. Presented by Erica D. Porter


Looking Good: Three simple steps to developing an optimistic outlook. Presented by Bill Colagrande


You Are Medically Intuitive: Be The Medicine. Presented by Janet Straightarrow

Laughing Our Way to Health
Presented by Doug Gruntherdouggunter.jpg

Can laughing strengthen our immune system? Are there reasons why the words, “Comic” and “Cosmic” are only 1 letter apart? How do dreams often use puns, jokes and outrageous satire to enlighten us?

In this informative and entertaining workshop, radio talk show host, speaker, and certified dream work facilitator Doug Grunther uses selected stories, jokes, dream research and medical experience to reveal the healthy benefits of laughter. In addition, Doug shows how by taking ourselves lightly, we go a long way towards overcoming our fears of illness and death.

Doug Grunther

Doug Grunther is the creator and host of “The Woodstock Roundtable,” the award winning radio talk show on WDST-FM, Woodstock. Doug has a reputation for providing cutting-edge information with a healthy dose of humor. Among his featured guests have been comedian Jackie Mason, internationally recognized science researcher Dr. Lynne McTaggert, Zen Master John Daido Loori, Editor of MAD Magazine Joe Raiola, and Buddhist teacher Robert Thurman. Doug completed a Dream Group Training with eminent dream expert Dr. Montague Ullman, and in 2006, he received certification as a Dream Facilitator from the Institute directed by world-renown dream teacher Dr. Jeremy Taylor.

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You are Medically Intuitive: Be The Medicine
Presented by Janet Straightarrowstraightarrow.jpg

We each carry all of our information in our cells, bodies and energy fields.

  • Learn to access information about yourself – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
  • We each are an open book when we know how.
  • You can know which healer or medical practitioner to work with, and more, from your body’s wisdom.
  • In this class learn to open up to new tools and practices using examples of questions you have about yourself that you bring to the class.

Be The Medicine, A Journey of Healing Body & Soul, is an upcoming book and training process of teachings, tools and practices awakening your innate abilities and knowledge to enjoy and take charge of your life and health. See Janet's booth for recordings and more information.

Janet Staightarrow

Janet StraightArrow is: a Medical Intuitive, Integrative Energy Healer and Teacher of Ancient and Modern Wisdom. Janet has studied healing for forty years with many famous healers and teachers from around the world as well as with Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists, Spiritual Masters and Shamans in traditions from East and West. Janet has been teaching healing for fifteen years in the Northeast. StraightArrow sees clients and teaches classes in Woodstock, NY and Morristown, NJ. For additional information, visit

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Taking Charge of Your Health: How to Talk to Your Doctorsgreenfield.jpg
Presented by Judith Greenfield

An important first step has been taken. Over the last number of years, patients have been urged to take an active role in their healthcare. The question remains, however, “how?” What would be the most effective way of taking charge? Should patients go to their doctors, as many do, and insist on particular tests or treatments? Should they, as many (some would say, many women) do, and make timid requests of doctors, in an almost apologetic way? Or should they approach their doctors and other healthcare professionals in yet a third way – a way that establishes themselves as partners in care – as patients who not only expect doctors to hear and discuss what they are saying, but who also commit to hearing and discussing what those doctors are saying? This Program will explain the differences between the three approaches and provide practical tips for achieving the third approach by building strong doctor-patient relationships and the shared-decisionmaking skills of getting, giving, and discussing information, as well as negotiating with doctors when agreement is not reached.

Judith Greenfield

As Founder and President of the Healthcare Communication Project, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Judith Greenfield has been responsible for the writing and editing of its free, semi-annual publication, the Healthcare Communication Review – offering food-for-thought, communication tips, and resources for patients who wish to manage their conditions as partners in care. She has also spoken on these topics before a wide variety of community groups and has presented at numerous conferences, including as a conference Keynote Speaker. For this work, she draws on her past experience as a beside nurse, a nurse educator, Executive Director of the Hospice Association of Ulster County, and a teacher of biomedical ethics at both SUNY New Paltz and the New School University’s Graduate School of Management. Perhaps more importantly, she draws on her own experience as a patient and a patient advocate.

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Making Time for What Really Matters!mw-couse.jpg
Presented by Maryellen Whittington-Couse

Why do some women seem to have time for everything, including themselves, while others sacrifice self-care and fun just to get one more thing done? What can you do to have more time for what matters to you? Come discover a step-by-step process that will help you find the time for what really matters to you. Using a holistic approach that reflects women's multiple roles and responsibilities, Maryellen will share a variety of practical strategies that will help put YOU back into your schedule.

Maryellen Whittington-Couse

Maryellen Whittington-Couse is founder of What Matters Making Time Work for You, a consulting and training firm. She leads, teachers and inspires individuals and organizations to transform their relationship to time and to develop skills and strategies to become more productive while increasing their contribution to a sustainable world. She has developed a step-by-step process for managing time, information and work flow that dramatically increased her own productivity, as well as many others. If you learn it and apply it, you too can spend your time doing what matters most to you.

Desire, Action, Focusporter.jpg
Presented by Erica D. Porter

The ultimate challenge for a lifestyle specialist is filling the gap between an individual’s intentions and their actions. The problem statement is that many people say they want to lose weight, gain strength, have more energy and lead healthier lifestyles but at the same time, they miss workouts, overeat, stress out and only partially commit to doing what it takes to reach their goals. Erica Porter enables individuals to take responsibility for their actions. One of the most profound benefits is clarity regarding one’s true goals and what they are willing to do to reach them. Erica’s Desire, Action, Focus workshop will concentrate on creating positive results by building self-awareness, creating positive action and facilitating a deepened understanding that opens the door to new possibilities and choices.

Erica D. Porter

Erica Porter has been a health and fitness enthusiast and participant her entire life-from gymnast, swimmer, dancer, and professional wrestler to educating others as a personal trainer, health and fitness consultant, lifestyle and weight management specialist, lifestyle motivator and author (Eat That Monkey: Now Is the Time to Change Your Life!). These combined experiences have given Erica a keen understanding of the human body and psyche, creating a profound aspiration to enlighten and inspire achievement of optimal health and superior well-being.

In both her trainings and her one-on-one coaching, Erica partners with individuals to create positive, life-changing results in alignment with personal vision and purpose. Erica believes that each of us owns our power and beauty in the world but we must step up and take ownership and responsibility of our life.

Erica is versatile, professional, knowledgeable, funny and charismatic, and her expertise and life experience can guide you to accomplishing your most important and elusive goals. Erica shares her secrets for expanding personal growth and becoming genuinely satisfied with your life. Her success as an educator, athlete, and professional speaker, coupled with her genuine optimism and enthusiasm make every presentation a starting point for personal and professional growth. Her messages are always personal, interactive, and entertaining for large and small audiences alike.

Please visit for more information about Erica.

Maintaining Vibrant Health with Essential Oilsjoanapter.jpg
Presented by Joan Apter, LMT

In this workshop we will focus on how to use essential oils, supplements, diet and lifestyle choices to maintain optimum health physically, mentally and emotionally using essential oils. We will address maintaining an alkaline pH, reducing inflammation and pain, maintaining a healthy hormonal balance and so much more!

You will also learn:

  • The importance of cleansing the body of excess toxicity, with specific suggestions
  • The role of petrochemical free products for personal and home use
  • The role of stress, diet and nutrition, exercise, water and positive emotion
  • Increasing longevity with essential oils and herbal formulations

Joan Apter, L.M.T.

Joan Apter is a licensed massage therapist with 14 years of training in the use and application of therapeutic essential oils. She has advanced training in the medicinal applications of essential oils from Ege University in Izmir, Turkey and holds an international certificate of study from the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. Joan offers therapeutic essential oil products, aromatherapy massage, consultations and classes throughout the tri-state area, and resides in Woodstock, N.Y.

Looking Good: Three simple steps to developing an optimistic outlookbillcolagrande.jpg
Presented by Bill Colagrande

Have you ever wondered why some people recover quickly from experiences of everyday misfortune while others seem to take much longer to recover? This research-based workshop offers credible explanations and tools to help you learn how to better handle the misfortune you encounter in your life and bounce back more quickly from it. How you think influences how you feel and you can learn to adapt the way you think.

Bill Colagrande

Bill Colagrande is an author and licensed Mental Health Counselor in private practice in Kingston. In addition to his clinical practice, Bill develops and facilitates diverse personal growth courses under the auspices of the Institute for Human Development. He has published over seventy-five mental health-related essays and produces a mental health/baseball talk show, Ya Gotta have Heart, on KPATV. Bill has practiced psychotherapy with couples and individuals for over twenty-five years and resides in Phoenicia with his lovely wife, Margit.