Workshops 2009

9 - 10 The Sugar Blues: The Sugar Blues is a holistic workshop for sugar addicts, and those who love them. Workshop Room
Level 1
9 - 10 Green Cleaning Demonstration Workshop Room
Level 2
10- 11 Fitness for Survivors: Speicialized fitness for cancer survivors. Workshop Room
Level 1

10 - 10:30
10:30 - 11

Healthy Weight Loss Workshop Workshop Room
Level 2
11 - 12 Couples Massage Workshop Room
Level 1
11 - 12 Relationships: Can't Live with them, Can't live without them
Workshop Room
Level 2
1 - 2 Human-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Workshop Room
Level 1
1 - 2 radKIDS Workshop Room
Level 2
2 - 3 Green and Sustainable Diet Workshop Room
Level 1
2 - 3 Getting the Perfect Job Workshop Room
Level 2
3 - 4 Health Goals that Produce Results Workshop Room
Level 1
3 - 4

Just Say YES to the Body You Want

Workshop Room
Level 2
4 - 5 Money and Credit Card Management Workshop Room
Level 1
4 - 5 Long Term Care Planning Options Workshop Room
Level 2


The Sugar Blues
Presented by Tamara Flanders

The Sugar Blues is a holistic workshop for sugar addicts, and those who love them. This workshop is interactive and entertaining as participants learn how to conquer sugar addiction and emotional eating while building new coping skills for life stresses. By exploring triggers and weaknesses, each participant is able to begin to build their own personalized plan for how they can overcome the sweet tooth in their life. Participants also learn about the health hazards of long term sugar use, dangers of artificial sweeteners, and how to use natural sweeteners.

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Times of Economic Crisis: Be competitive finding and getting the perfect job
Presented by Terri Lewis

How can you find the ideal job opportunity? This workshop will include many answers that you may find helpful in these times of crisis. It will teach you how to have a "killer interview" including insider secrets to get you hired and answers to the most frequently asked interview questions. Learn the newest information on appropiate attire for the interview process and how to outprepare the other candidates and land that job that you will love and enjoy.


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Money and Credit Card Management
Presented by Tom Heffernan

Reduce the stress associated with financial concerns, by attending this discussion on how to manage your expenses and money so you can meet your personal financial objectives. In addition, an explanation is given regarding how credit card costs can be lowered by rate negotiation and/or payment allocation plans you can implement yourself. The result is the balance is paid off sooner at lower cost with payments that affordable.


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Green Cleaning Demonstration
Presented by Shirley Tessiershirleytessier.jpg


This will be a fun and fascinating demonstration about Shaklee’s green cleaners…which have been featured on Oprah 4 times, the Rachel Ray show, Better Homes and Gardens, Natural Health, & Parenting magazines. Find out how these cleaners can improve your health, how they can help the environment and landfills, why they are superior to other brands, and how you can save a TON of money with them! See how they work, and how WELL they work. Hear shocking statistics, stories, and eye opening information about the toxins found in household cleaners and their effects on our children and homes. Those who suffer from allergies, asthma, and other sensitivities will not want to miss this. You will enjoy this action packed hour as Shirley, who was a housecleaner for 15 years (and using Shaklee cleaners for over 10 years), shares her stories and cleaning tips, along with the fun demos, and will include audience participation, gifts, free samples, and a special prize drawing at the end for those who stay the whole hour!


Human-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Presented by Neal Smoller

In this workshop, you will discuss the basics of menopause, traditional treatment modalities, and recently identified risks of HRT. You will then learn how some patients and practitioners utilize human-identical hormones in customized treatment regimens to help relieve menopausal symptons at the lowest effective dose. Patient Responses, adverse event profiles, cost, and more of HRT vs. traditional commercial therapies will be compared for your knowledge.

radKIDS Personal Empowerment Safety Education
Presented by Cynthia Craft

This is a community presentation to introduce a new program that the Ulster County Crime Victim Assistance is offering on personal safety for children. It is a 10 hour family centered safety education program thath emphasizes eseential decision-making skills as well as physical resistance options to espcape violence. The curriculum topics range from Home and School Safety, Bullying Prevention, Out and About Safety, to Realistic Defense Against Abduction and Good/Bad/Uncomfortable Touch. This is an evidence based curriculum tha utilizes fun, activity based programs including lecture, safety drills, muscle memory excercises and dynamic simulation.

Eating a Green and Sustainable Diet in the Mid-Hudson Valley
Presented by Vicki Koenig, MS, RD, CDN

What is a Green Diet? How do food and lifestyle choices help sustain the planet? This workshop will help you make a personal impact by eating and choosing green. It's offered by local Nutritionist Vicki Koenig, MS, RD, CDN in collaboration with regional Farmers, Chefs and Business People. Resources will be provided to all local CSAs, farmer's markets, supportive restaurants, wineries, breweries and local food community organizations. The Hudson Valley has excellent resources for Eating Green!


Vicki Koenig, MS, RD, CDNvickikoenig.jpg

Vicki Koenig is a Masters level Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She has maintained a private counseling practice and consulting business since 1987. As consulting Nutritionist to the national Stonyfield Farm yogurt company, she writes a popular Wellness Moosletter, answers consumer questions and helps with new product development. Vicki offers onsite Corporate Wellness programs to create a healthier workplace. With personalized goals and group incentives, businesses can have a healthier bottom line. Employees are more productive, use less sick time and insurance usage goes down. Vicki has worked with people of all ages promoting nutrition for wellness while addressing diverse chronic health conditions. Working as a consultant to food companies, businesses, schools and organizations, Vicki communicates healthy nutrition guidelines that make it easy to move towards health. Drawing on her comprehensive knowledge of nutrition throughout the life cycle provides Vicki with a broad perspective when speaking, counseling, consulting and writing; allowing her to specialize in Nutrition for Wellness.

Relationships: Can't live with them, Can't live without them
Presented by Jeff Schneider
Relationships whether with a partner, colleague, friend, family member, boss, or ourselves, can be quite challenging.

Do you often feel:

  • like your needs and wants are not being met?
  • intimidated and like you are walking on egg shells?
  • misunderstood, overwhelmed and alone?

Do you and your partner:

  • fight about sex and money without resolution?
  • see things very differently?
  • get into power and control struggles?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then attend this FREE workshop. Discussion, suggestions, guided imagery and questions & answers will help you learn to:

  • identify your needs and wants and how to get them met
  • use a communication technique that greatly reduces reactivity and enhances understanding
  • resolve conflict effectively
  • understand gender differences
As a result of attending this workshop you will leave with many powerful and effective tools to create and enhance loving, supportive, respectful and trusting relationships.

Jeff Schneider
Workshop leader Jeff Schneider, L.C.S.W., is a local, well trained, insightful and intuitive counselor who has been providing individual, family, couple's and group therapy for people struggling with a wide range of challenges, including relationship problems, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other addictions for 24 years. His integration of counseling, twelve-step philosophy, experiential exercises, the Emotional Freedom Technique and spirituality has consistently resulted in clients creating loving relationships, overcoming emotional challenges, handling stress effectively and overcoming addictions. He is strongly committed to his own personal, professional and spiritual growth and brings this perspective to everything he does with his clients, encouraging and supporting them to lead fuller, healthier and happier lives. To learn more about him visit his website . Should you wish to contact him phone him at 845-255-4175 or e-mail him at

Health Goals that Produce Results
Presented By Rose Rubin

In this workshop, you will set a health or fitness goal that inspires you to action. You will then complete a structure of steps,roserubin.jpg and begin to take on concrete actions to move your goal forward. You will also discover ways to create a support system to stay on track with the goal. The principles presented are based on a proven methodology that takes into consideration the study of neuroscience, that is, it works in alignment with the way our brains function in our everday lives.

Rose Rubin

Rose Rubin is a Professional Certified Coach(PCC) as designated by the Intenational Coaching Federation. She has coached over 100 clients around health and fitness, personal and business relationships, small business growth and other personal agendas Her clients achieve a very high level of satisfaction with the learning and growth they experience with Rose's dynamic style. Rose is also a trainer, mentor and assessor of coaches for Results Coaching Systems, an International company based in Australia.



Just Say YES to the Body You Want
Presented by Deborah Bishop & Miranda Sullivan

An interactive experience where you will explore and reveal a breakthrough concept in the world of diet and weight loss which is forgiveness, acceptance and love. This workshop will explore excerpts of Deborah and Miranda's workbook and illustrate 5 key points to achieving the weight, health and lifestyle participants really want, and the best part are these results stay with you, no more roller coasters! Reclaiming the self is a very important step to this process as we will demonstrate how one can do this along with the reason why will power doesn't work, knowing what you don't want will only get you more of the same and even if you are certain you are doing everything you can, why you aren't getting the results you want or can't maintain them long term. In this modern age, we are facing a health crisis in this country and Just Say YES to the Body You Want addresses healong and a life filled with health, energy and vitality.

Fitness for Survivors
Presented by Julie Goodale

A specialization in fitness for cancer survivors. Rather than just lead a general fitness routine that many people could do, thejuliegoodale.jpg goal of this workshop is to give women information they can take away and use. You will recieve information on the benefits of exercise for cancer, both for managing the effects of treatment and for preventing cancers. This information is all based on published medical studies. You will also learn some basic information on anatomy and physiology, which helps shed light on why we do certain exercises and how to adapt any excercise to fit your needs. There will be special emphasis placed on excercises that help counteract the effects of cancer surgeries and treatments. While this workshop focuses on cancer survivors, the information and excercises are useful for everyone.

Julie Goodale

Julie Goodale, founder of Life-Cise, is a certified Personal Trainer (ACSM) and Cancer Exercise Specialist. Her first career was in music, but her experience of exercising all throughout her treatment for breast cancer led her into fitness. She is passionate about the benefits of exercise before, during and after cancer treatment. Julie provides training in the New York City and Hudson Valley areas, and online at . Besides her training and workshops, she writes about fitness and other survivorship issues on her blog, . While she still works as a musician, Julie is now also dedicated to helping others stay fit and stay strong.

Healthy Weight Loss Workshop
Presented by Heidi Komasa

Learn the keys and hot points for permanent weight loss! You'll also learn how to balance exercise, lifestyle and nutrition into an effective program that can help anyone achieve their health & wellness goals.

Heidi Komasa

ACSM Certified personal trainer with 9 years of client experience - nutrition program director and personal trainer at MAC Fitness in Kingston.

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Couples Massage

Presented by Nancy Auriemma, LMT & Maria Elena Maurin, LMT
From the SPA at MAC Fitness in Kingston

Grab your husband/wife, mother/father, sister/brother, friend…whoever! This workshop allows partners to experience the cumulative benefits of massage, including relief of muscle tension, enhanced flexibility, aid in nutrition of tissues, and encouragement of balance in the body. We believe it just feels good for the mind, body and soul!

You Will Learn:

  • Basic massage history and terminology with benefits and contraindications.
  • How to establish an environment that feels safe and relaxing with mindful, nurturing touch.
  • Basic Swedish massage techniques (strictly nonsexual in nature), and proper body mechanics.
  • Quiet centering and breathing techniques.
  • How to enhance communication and feedback skills

Why Planning for Long Term Care is a Critical Component in a Retirement Plan.
Presented by Louis Werbalowsky

This workshop reviews long term care planning options, choices and consequences that impact our family, our home and our retirement portfolio. We can't predict, but we can prepare. Plan today so we can enjoy tomorrow.